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About Psychological Services
Since founding The Alliance in 2000, we have received an overwhelming amount of calls from family members and individuals seeking eating disorder treatment with little or no insurance.  There are very few treatment providers throughout our area that will work with uninsured families, leaving them vulnerable with no resources for proper treatment. While there are free or reduced rate community psychological services, there are none that specialize in treating eating disorders.  As a result, people are dying due to inadequate access to care.  We saw this need as an opportunity for The Alliance to start a new program to aid those who are uninsured/underinsured in our community.  If we do not heed the call, many will lose their battle due to lack of care.  With the new Postdoctoral Fellowship program, The Alliance offers direct life-saving treatment for eating disorders in an outpatient setting. The Alliance will charge a nominal fee for clients based on ability to pay.  
For more information about the program and/or to make an appointment, please call 561.841.0900.

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