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The Alliance is committed to increasing education and awareness through educational presentations at public and private elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, graduate programs, Social Service Agencies, Youth Groups, Healthcare Programs, etc. The Alliance will also individualize a specific program to meet your needs.


Presentation Topics Include:

  • Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder
  • Debunking the Archaic Myth: Once You Have an Eating Disorder, You Will Always Have an Eating Disorder
  • Stepping off the Scales: Eating Disorders and Body Image on College Campuses Inside 
  • Eating Disorders: Struggles and Recovery Eating Disorders and Males: It's Not Just a Girl Thing
  • Eating Disorders: When Exercise is Not Always Healthy
  • Promoting Positive Body Image in Children
  • We are Not on Wisteria Lane Anymore: Eating Disorders in Midlife

What has been said…


"The first time I saw this presentation you gave me hope, the second time I saw it you saved my life...thank you"


"I loved the presentation! I loved having someone take the time to show me the truth. I know this something I should not do! I play tennis and thought if I lost weight I would be faster and better. I realized it's not worth it to risk my life. Thank you for helping me so much!"


"Your presentation could not have been better, and yes it got through to me and some of my friends in that class. We've been talking about it with others in our school. I think you guys are amazing, and thank you for giving me the strength to tell my mother that I have been struggling with this for years."


"The presentation touched on things I was thinking about doing to myself. Now that I know what it would have done to me, I thank g-d I didn't try it and after the presentation, I never will."


"The speakers were very honest and open, and I felt comfortable being in the room. As a recovering anorexic and bulimic, I thank you for giving me hope in my continued recovery."


To set up a community education program or for more information, please contact us at


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