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5th Edition - Florida Treatment Guide

It is with great pleasure that we present the 5th Edition of The Florida Eating Disorders Treatment Referral Guide.  The goal of The Guide is to provide access to care for those who are struggling with an eating disorder and to provide referrals to healthcare practitioners who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders.
Due to the success of the 2015 walk, we are able to distribute 15,000 printed copies of the guide, free of charge, to every school, legislative office, Florida Department of Health clinic, and additional organizations identified after initial distribution, throughout the state.  Additionally, a guide will be provided to every eating disorder treatment center in the country to assist in aftercare planning.  The Alliance's scope of reach for this project is upwards of 3 million people throughout the United States.  We hope you will join us on February 27th for our 2016 walk to help us continue this annual project.  
The Guide begins with information regarding Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, ARFID, and OSFED. The next section includes information for loved ones and males, questions to ask and what to expect from treatment, reading suggestions, and a list of eating disorder organizations and websites. The following section is a directory of individual practitioners throughout the state of Florida. Lastly, you will find a comprehensive list of Inpatient, Residential, Day/Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Transitional Living treatment programs located throughout the country.
Please feel free to make copies of the information included in The Guide for for education, outreach, and/or to share with anyone who needs it.


Click Here to Download The Guide


To order a hard copy/hard copies of the guide at no charge, please email


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