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Laxative abuse is defined as a use (or overuse) of laxatives over a long period of time, and used a means of weight control. Laxative abuse is most common among those struggling from Bulimia (although not exclusive) as a way of purging. There are two main types of laxatives, stimulant laxatives and bulk-forming laxatives. Stimulant laxatives irritate the colon to induce bowel movements (and are not recommended for use longer than one week) and bulk-forming laxatives add mass and volume to the bowel movement. Continual overstimulation of the intestines from laxative abuse can eventually cause the bowels to become non-responsive.


Over a period of time, laxatives lose their effectiveness and actually start working against you. Some of the adverse side effects of laxative abuse include:

Health Complications (May Include):


• SEVERE abdominal pain and cramping

• Diarrhea (which can occur while sleeping in extreme abuse situations)

• Dehydration

• Stomach ulcers

• Constipation

• Fluid retention/bloating (especially in your hands, feet, ankles, face and stomach)

• Development of blood in stools which leads to Anemia

• Renal stones

• Severe electrolyte, fluid and mineral imbalances.

• Fatigue and lethargy

• Malabsorption (which can cause deformed bone development.)


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