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Lunch and Learn

"Essential Training on Identification, Assessment, & Diagnosis of Eating Disorders for Healthcare Providers"


The Alliance's Training for Healthcare Providers provides professionals with the latest information about eating disorder at their place of business. This free, hour-long presentation includes lunch, continuing education credits, and training for professionals specific to their expertise (physicians, dentists, nurses, etc.). The presentation helps providers to properly screen, assess and diagnose eating disorders. Evaluations of programs are available upon request.

Recent Findings…


Over a 5 month period, The Alliance visited 19 practitioner offices and professional classrooms with our program Eating Disorders 101: Tools to Help Healthcare Providers Properly Screen, Assess and Diagnose Eating Disorders and presented to 349 attendees. The 50 minute on-site programs brought a comprehensive presentation about eating disorders, along with lunch and continuing education credits.


Before and after the presentation, attendees were given pre/post tests to measure their knowledge of eating disorders. Of the 349 participants, the average attendee scored 69.071% on their pre-test and 87.928% on their post test – a substantial 27.3 % increase in knowledge. 13.75% of attendees believed that eating disorder recovery is defined by weight restoration/loss and 6% believed that eating disorders are not life threatening if the patient is in a normal/healthy weight range, which are dangerous misconceptions. 100% of attendees believed the subject matter was relevant and 100% believe that the program would be helpful for the future.


And perhaps most significantly, 79.38% reported that they were not adequately trained to be able to treat, assess or diagnose eating disorders, while 96.8% reported that eating disorders are relevant to their practice. 98% felt better prepared to properly screen, assess and diagnose eating disorders after the presentation.

What has been said about Lunch and Learns…

  • "It was very informative and easy to understand, especially for only being an hour long."
  • "The presentation was very informative and I was able to learn a lot about eating disorders that I didn't know before."
  • "I liked learning about the different types of eating disorders and what to watch for in patients."
  • "The presentation had updated information about eating disorders that I was unaware of."
  • "Presenters were genuine, easy to understand and presented a serious topic in a manageable way."
  • "The referral sources are a great resource!"


To set up a lunch and learn presentation or for more information, please contact us at:


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