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We Need Your Help!
As The Alliance enters our 16th anniversary year, we are humbly asking for YOUR support. We are in need of volunteers to help us with all that we do. The Alliance exists primarily through the support of the community it serves.  We need your help to continue to move forward and achieve all of all our goals. 



The Alliance currently has three (3) working committees:  Outreach/Education, Development, and Advocacy. We would love to have you join a committee. 


Outreach/Education Committee

The purpose of the Outreach and Education Committee is to reach out and acquaint the community (city, counties, state and beyond) to the existence of The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness (The Alliance) and become familiar with the services and resources The Alliance provides to those impacted by eating disorders.  

Committee Co-Chairs:  Jamie Morris, LMHC and Gillian Bush, PsyD


Development Committee

The purpose of the Development Committee is to ensure the fiscal health, financial stability, and growth of income for The Alliance.  With the funds raised, The Alliance will be able to continue to serve the community with its current services and resources, as well as to expand and enrich the services that it can provide within the community to individuals impacted by eating disorders.

Committee Chair: Lorraine Mari, PhD


Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is to help improve access to education, outreach, treatment and research of eating disorders through advocacy. Regular trips to Washington D.C. and numerous state capitals, letter writing campaigns, phone calls/emails, and training of other advocates are utilized to help be voices for change.

Committee Chair: Cherie Monarch and Alicia Paulino-Grisham, Esq.


For more information about joining a committee, please contact The Alliance at 561.841.0900.


CLICK HERE to download the Committee Application

Internship, Practicum/Field Study, and Volunteer Opportunities

All three levels of involvement at The Alliance offer the opportunity to learn about all eating disorders outreach, education, early intervention, and advocacy, in addition to a greater understanding of nonprofit operations.


The Alliance offers two levels of unpaid internship: part time, with a required minimum of 15 hours per week and full time, with a required minimum of 30 hours per week. Both levels require that interns be present in the office at least one full day each week, however, some hours can be completed out of the office on assigned projects. Interns are required to participate in Alliance events and weekly supervision, which is currently on Wednesday mornings, with Dr. Joann Hendelman, Clinical Director. Other duties include office administration and operations, volunteer management, and general office maintenance. It is mandatory that interns communicate effectively with Sharon Glynn, Director of Programming, and Dr. Hendelman about the status of their projects. This includes timely completion of project status forms and timesheets submitted weekly. Finally, this internship requires completion of one independent project, which must be pre-approved, to benefit The Alliance. As an intern at The Alliance, you will have the opportunity to participate in some of our weekly support groups and serve on any of our committees, including development, outreach and education, advocacy and more. 


CLICK HERE to download the Internship Application.

Practicum/Field Study

The practicum/field study unpaid position is designed for high school and college age students participating in field study and is organized per the requirements of these programs. Hour requirements will be discussed individually with each applicant and while The Alliance can be flexible with how hours are completed, a presence in our office is required at least once a week. This ensures effective communication of project statuses and completion.  Duties of this internship are largely administrative and operational and participation in Alliance events is mandatory, including community outreach and education events. 


CLICK HERE to download the Practicum/Field Study Application.


Alliance volunteers can assist in office administration and operations and participate in Alliance events. There is no minimum hour requirement for volunteers and we can be flexible to work around individual schedules or other commitments. 


CLICK HERE to download the Volunteer Application.


For more information on opportunities to get involved with The Alliance, please contact Sharon Glynn, Director of Programming at Thank you for helping us make a difference!


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