About Our Organization

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness ("The Alliance") is nonprofit organization dedicated to providing programs and activities aimed at outreach,education, and early intervention for all eating disorders. Founded in October 2000, The Alliance has worked tirelessly to raise awareness, eliminate stigma, promote access to care and support for those susceptible to, currently struggling with, and recovered from eating disorders. The Alliance creates a bridge for those needing and seeking help by connecting people with resources and information to assist them in their recovery.

Featured News
www.FindEDHelp.com is Live!

FindEDHelp.com is the first-ever, free to be listed, interactive referral website for individuals seeking eating disorder treatment at all levels of care. To access our new website,CLICK HERE

Alliance's Psychological Services

We are thrilled to announce "The Alliance's Psychological Services."  This program will aid those who are uninsured/underinsured in our community.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Alliance Support Groups

The Alliance offers six (6) free, clinician led support groups at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL and one (1) group in Tampa, FL. Support groups include three adult general ED groups, an adult Binge Eating Disorder group, an adolescent group, a friends and family group, and an adult female specific group.  CLICK HERE for a complete list of days and times. 

2018 celebrating everyBODY walks

Our 7th annual walk in South Florida will be on Saturday, March 3, 2018. More than 850 individuals attended last year's walk, and we anticipate 800+ walkers this year.  And we are thrilled to announce our 2nd Annual Tampa Walk in partnership with iaedp Tampa Bay on Sunday, March 4, 2018! Help us raise awareness and promote education of eating disorders and body image, and spread the message of hope and recovery throughout Florida.

Free Upcoming CEU Opportunities

The Alliance and our partners are so happy to announce our next two (2) free upcoming CEU training opportunities in West Palm Beach, FL and Miami, FL. Join us on Friday, January 26th for our next training, "I am Mindful! Understanding Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating and Other Nutrition Support Approaches in Eating Disorders Treatment." 


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