Our Team

Johanna Kandel

Founder and CEO

Joann Hendelman, PhD, RN, FAED, CEDS-S

Clinical Director

McCall Dempsey

Director of Southern Smash

Maureen Phelan

Director of Resource Development

Monica Alomia

Operations Manager

Rachel Rifkin, LMHC, CEDS

Support Group Manager

Allie Weiser, PsyD, MS

Resources Manager

Alicia Chatterton, LMHC

Psychological Services Therapist

Nic Coppage, MSW, RCSWI

Referral Specialist

Ally Emig, LCSW, RYT

Education Specialist

Allison Ford, MS, RMHCI

Psychological Services Therapist

Victoria Knoll, MSW

Referral Specialist

Kate Miller, LMHC, LPC


Katie Mittelstaedt, PsyD

Outreach Consultant

Amy Sullivan, LPC

Referral Specialist

Laurie Yurchuck

Executive Coordinator

Johanna Kandel (She/Her) founded The National Alliance for Eating Disorders (formerly The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness) after recovering from a ten-year-long battle with various eating disorders . Since founding The Alliance in October 2000, Johanna has brought information and awareness about eating disorders to hundreds of thousands of individuals nationally and internationally. In addition, she facilitates weekly support groups, mentors individuals with eating disorders and their families through their treatment and recovery, and helps thousands of people to gain information and find the help they need. As a passionate advocate for mental health and eating disorders legislation, Johanna has spent a lot of time meeting with numerous members of Congress, and was part of the first-ever Eating Disorder Roundtable at the White House.

Johanna is a proud member of the Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee (ISMICC) Meeting under the Department of Health and Human Services, a member of the Board of Directors for the Eating Disorders Coalition, and a member of the Eating Disorders Leadership Summit. She has received many awards for her ongoing outreach and advocacy work, including the Jefferson Award for Public Service©, Academy for Eating Disorders’ Meehan/Hartley Leadership Award for Public Service &/or Advocacy, and Harlequin Enterprises’ More Than Words Award. Johanna has appeared on national television programs including NBC Nightly News and The Today Show, and profiled in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Glamour Magazine.

Johanna’s book, Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder, was released by Harlequin Nonfiction in September 2010.

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Dr. Joann Hendelman (She/Her) is the Clinical Director of The National Alliance for Eating Disorders (formerly The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness). She is also Clinical Director of The Alliance Psychological Services which provides therapy for those who are uninsured or underinsured, those who historically have not had access to care. The program is staffed by Postdoctoral Fellows under Dr. Hendelman’s supervision. Dr. Hendelman also trains and supervises Alliance Support Group Facilitators  and groups that are currently held across the country.

Dr. Hendelman is author of “Eating Disorders: A Maladaptive Coping Mechanism,” in Stress in the Modern World, published 2017. Dr. Hendelman has spoken on many areas of eating disorders to professional and lay audiences nationally and internationally since 1981.

Dr. Hendelman is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Registered Nurse. Dr. Hendelman is a Fellow in the Academy for Eating Disorders (FAED). She is a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS), a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Nurse (CEDRN) and an iaedp Approved Supervisor for those seeking certification. Dr. Hendelman maintains a private practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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McCall Dempsey (She/Her), founder of Southern Smash, is an eating disorder survivor and passionate recovery advocate. After a 15-year battle, McCall sought treatment in December 2010. Since then she has made eating disorder awareness and prevention her life’s work and passion. McCall travels the country, sharing her story of hope and healing with audiences everywhere. From high school auditoriums to treatment centers to corporate meetings, her message of authenticity and embracing your inner-uniqueness transcends all ages.

McCall also writes the popular blog, Loving Imperfection. Her writing has been featured in various national television, print and online publications, including Today Show, Women’s Health, Southern Living and Huffington Post. A Louisiana native, McCall now resides in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, with her husband, Jordan, and her two children, Manning and Marjorie.

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Maureen Phelan (She/Her) has over 25 years of combined experience in senior leadership roles and as a consultant for such leading organizations as UNICEF, Toronto International Film Festival Group, CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), United Way, Goodwill, Sunshine Foundation, London’s Grand Theatre, Nature Conservancy Canada and Shanghai American School, where she served as a senior volunteer for three years. Previously, Maureen started her career in sales and marketing for global corporations in the publishing and television industries.

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When an organization needs… organization, they call Monica Alomia (she/her).  Ever since she was a child in her native Peru and throughout her 20-year career in Florida, Monica thrives on making sure operations run smoothly. And she can do it in two languages! Monica is a Business Administration graduate with extensive experience managing client-centric office operations in Health, Financial and in Public Sectors. She truly prides herself on making everyone around her look good, especially top-level executives.

Working for local government is where Monica found her passion for helping others. In her down time, she volunteers and gives back to the South Florida community she loves so much. That’s why Monica is so excited about joining the National Alliance for Eating Disorders. When she’s not helping those in need, you’ll find Monica crafting, attending music concerts – or just soaking up the sun on one of Florida’s many beaches.

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Rachel Rifkin, LMHC (She/Her) is a licensed mental health counselor, specializing in eating disorders within the LGBTQ+ community. She received her dual Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, with a certification in Sexuality, Women, and Gender studies. Her clinical training includes experience as a therapist in eating disorders treatment facilities, and working in her own private practice. As a Queer clinician with lived eating disorder experience, she is passionate about increasing access to care and reducing stigma about mental health.

Rachel has been involved with The Alliance since 2013, and now wears a few different hats for The Alliance, including Support Group Manager.

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Dr. Allie Weiser (She/Her) is the Resources Manager at The Alliance and a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She earned her Masters and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Weiser completed two years of post-doctoral residency at The Alliance’s Psychological Services. During time, she gained experience in providing evidence-based psychotherapies and administering psychological evaluations to a wide-range of diverse individuals and families across the lifespan. Dr. Weiser’s passion for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders was solidified during her time at Psychological Services and at a South Florida hospital, where she worked as a member of the multidisciplinary eating disorders treatment team. Dr. Weiser also has a special interest and specialized training in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. Dr. Weiser looks forward to  continuing to advocate for all individuals experiencing eating disorders, providing education to community members and providers, and connecting individuals/families to treatment. In addition, she maintains a private practice in West Palm Beach, Florida. When not working, you can find Dr. Weiser at the beach.

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Alicia Chatterton, LMHC (She/Her) is a Psychological Services Therapist for the National Alliance for Eating Disorders. Alicia obtained her Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Trinity International University in IL and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida. Alicia has provided therapy services in community mental health settings, gaining experience with individuals facing health condition-related stigma. Additionally, she has provided mental health services within a competitive arts education setting.

Alicia is passionate about helping others find their self-worth apart from external measures. She strives to provide individuals with a non-judgmental space to discover inner wisdom, healing, and beauty unbound by conventional standards. When not working, you can find Alicia watching movies with her husband and kitty cats, sipping a latte, or dabbling in her interests of home décor and makeup artistry.

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Nicole (Nic) Coppage, MSW, RCSWI (She/They) graduated with her Master’s of Social Work from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. She obtained her Bachelor’s in English and Communications with the intention of becoming a teacher, but realized after her own experience with an eating disorder that her passion actually was in mental health and advocacy for those in marginalized identities. Nic’s areas of interest include eating disorders and LGBTQIA+ issues, and she takes a social-justice and trauma-informed perspective when working with clients.

Nic completed her master’s internship at a non-profit for those who are unhoused, performing case management and individual psychotherapy. She also serves as mental health staff for the Florida-based, LGBTQIA+ nonprofit CampOUT Florida which is a week-long youth summer camp for LGBTQIA+ youth and allies. She not only provides mental health support in this role, but also taught workshops to campers on body positivity and provided basic training on eating disorder awareness and non-dieting approaches to staff.

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Ally Emig (She/Her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in Kentucky and Louisiana. After graduating with her Masters in Social Work from Boston College, she moved to Chicago and began her career as a clinician in a fast-paced Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Program for Eating Disorders. She has over a decade of leadership and specialized experience working in the field – from managing an Eating Disorder Partial Hospitalization Program, to being an Outpatient Therapist, to most recently managing the East Coast and Midwest Clinical Assessment Team at Eating Recovery Center. Since she has settled back into her home state of Kentucky, she is now offering outpatient therapy in her private practice. Ally is passionate about providing highly specialized therapy to individuals of all ages experiencing eating disorders.

Ally is also dedicated to providing education to professionals, schools, community organizations, hospital systems, students, families and more. She believes that increased education leads to early detection and intervention which improves outcomes for all. She’s been involved with The Alliance since 2018 and in addition to her role as an Education Consultant, can also be found regularly co-facilitating their free clinician-led virtual support groups.

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Allison Ford, RMHCI, M.S. (she/her) is a Psychological Services Therapist for the National Alliance for Eating Disorders. Allison obtained her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL. She has gathered experience through different levels of care in community mental health, residential eating disorder treatment facilities, crisis stabilization, and private practice. Allison specializes in eating disorders and has worked closely with Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD).

Allison emphasizes therapy as a safe space where difficult concepts can gently be explored. She is passionate about the healing process and helping guide people back to themselves. When not working, you can find Allison at the dog park with her pup, in yoga class, or enjoying the Florida sunshine with friends.

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Victoria Knoll, MSW (she/her) graduated with her Master’s of Social Work from Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, FL. She received her Bachelor’s of Social Work, with a Minor in Psychology, from Toronto Metropolitan University. Victoria is committed to promoting equity and inclusion, while working from an anti-oppressive framework in practice.

Victoria has experience working in case management within the mental health space. She became passionate about working with those affected by eating disorders while completing an internship at the National Eating Disorder Information Center (NEDIC), located in Toronto, during her undergraduate program. During this experience, she worked in the Outreach and Education sector, where she learned about the importance of eating disorder awareness and early intervention. Victoria is driven to promote a non-dieting philosophy, and increase access to treatment to support the recovery process. Victoria is currently working in the Resources Department as a  Referral Specialist at The Alliance. When not working, you can find Victoria at the beach!

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Kate Miller, LMHC, LPC (She/Her) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, Colorado, and Florida who specializes in working with athletes and the LGBTQ+ community. As a former Division I student-athlete (Princeton Basketball, ’13), Kate understands first hand the challenges and stigma athletes of all levels face, especially as it relates to their mental health. As a therapist, Kate provides a safe and supportive space for athletes and individuals to explore anything and everything related to their mental health and well-being without judgment. Kate currently has a private practice and also does consulting work with organizations.

Kate is currently serving as the Interim Operations Manager at The Alliance, assisting with daily operations and hiring needs. She is also one of the co-facilitators for the Wednesday night LGBTQ+ Pro-Recovery Support Group.

Kate received her Master of Arts and Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2017.Kate received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Princeton University in 2013, where she was a 4-time Ivy League Women’s Basketball champion.

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Dr. Katie Mittelstaedt (She/Her) is licensed psychologist in the State of Florida. She earned her Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwest University. A passion to work with folx with eating disorders fueled her professional path. Her research focused on the impact of weight stigma on physical and mental healthcare, as well as on how adherence to gender role norms relates to disordered eating behaviors. Dr. Mittelstaedt is passionate about combatting weight stigma and sizeism, particularly in medical settings. Prior to coming to The Alliance for her post-doctoral fellowship, Dr. Mittelstaedt completed an APA accredited internship with the National Psychology Training Consortium- Great Lakes Region. At this residency, she gained experience working as an integrated Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) within two primary care multidisciplinary teams. In addition to this internship, Dr. Mittelstaedt has experience providing BHC care in an urban medical clinic, neuropsychological assessment services within a forensic practice, and low-income outpatient therapy in a community setting. Overall, Dr. Mittelstaedt aspires to create a supportive and collaborative therapeutic environment in which clients feel safe to experience difficult thoughts and feelings while moving towards their values.

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Amy Sullivan (She/Her) received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University in 2015. During her time in college she interned in New York City in the fashion industry and continued to work in the field after graduation. Through recovery from her own eating disorder, Amy realized that while she will always love fashion, the eating disorder field is where her heart truly lies. Amy graduated with her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Texas Tech University Health Science Center in 2021.

She joined McCall and the Southern Smash team in October of 2017 and has been part of The Alliance family since 2019. Amy was integral in helping to coordinate Southern Smash events and working alongside Director McCall Dempsey. As a referral specialist, she helps connect individuals and loved ones to specialized care and provides psychoeducation. In addition, she helps co-facilitates The Alliance’s virtual support groups. Amy currently resides in College Station, TX where she works as a therapist. In her free time, Amy loves shopping and chasing after her niece and nephew.

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Laurie Yurchuck (She/Her) is the Executive Coordinator at the National Alliance for Eating Disorders. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in Psychology from the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. Through her own experience with eating disorders, Laurie started volunteering with The Alliance in high school, eventually taking on a part-time role as their findEDhelp Coordinator. After graduating from college, she took on a full-time position, continuing to manage findEDhelp, as well as The Alliance’s social media accounts.

Laurie plans to go on to get a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. When she’s not working, you can probably find her drinking a nice cup of coffee and watching Grey’s Anatomy (…again)!

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