Are in-person support groups currently being held?
Yes! Our in-person support groups resumed on October 3, 2022. We will continue offering our virtual support groups as well!

What makes the Alliance support group different from other support groups?
The Alliance support groups are all free of charge and are led by licensed clinicians (psychologists, therapists, dietitians, etc) experienced in the field of eating disorder treatment. All facilitators are required to attend a robust training and monthly supervision with our Clinical Director, Joann Hendelman, PhD, RN, FAED, CEDS-S.

Is there a cost to attend an Alliance Support Group?
No. All of The Alliance support groups, both in-person and virtual, are free of charge and require no cost to attend.

Do I have to sign up ahead of time in order to attend group?
In-Person Groups: No. The Alliance support groups do not require any form of sign up. All groups are open to the public. We suggest arriving 5 minutes ahead of group start time to ensure that the group begins and ends on time.
Virtual Groups: Yes. Virtual groups require a registration, via Zoom, prior to joining group. There is no specific time cut-off to register and/or join the group.

Are there any rules that members must follow when attending an Alliance support group? Are The Alliance Support Groups confidential?
Yes. The Alliance Support groups are all confidential. Any topics that are discussed during a support group remain within the support group room and all group member identities remain confidential. Group conversation does not include specifics pertaining to numbers, calories, rituals, behaviors, specific treatment providers/programs, or discussion about medication. There is no acting out on behaviors during group or on support group property.

Can I attend Support Groups in lieu of individual therapy?
Ideally The Alliance Support Groups should not be attended in place of individual eating disorder treatment. They are designed to complement ongoing individual therapy (part of the treatment team). With that said, we fully recognize the inequities of access to care, and understand that for many individuals they will never receive the treatment they need and deserve.

Can my loved one(s) attend group with me?
No. Friends, family members, and significant others are not permitted to attend support group with their loved one in order to protect the privacy of support group members, while providing a safe space for those in attendance.

Should my loved one with an eating disorder come with me to Friends & Family Support Group?
No. The Friends & Family Support Group is designed for friends and family members only. This group provides friends and family with the space to both give and receive support to one another, while also learning how to best support their loved one.

Do The Alliance Support Groups follow a 12-step model?
No. The Alliance Support Groups do not follow a 12-step model. The groups are all pro-recovery support groups with a focus on life topics that the individual group members bring to group and want support around to help them on their path to recovery.

Can I attend more than one group each week?
Yes please! Depending on how many support groups are held in your area and virtual groups available online, you are able to attend as many groups as you choose in any given week.