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Although eating disorders affect such a vast number of people, the associated stigma causes most to feel isolated and alone in their illness. Our organization understands the significance that a community can offer individuals, providing them with a safe space where they can begin to heal therapeutically. As the only national organization in the country to provide free, weekly, therapist-led eating disorder support groups (both virtual and in-person), these communities not only aid in decreasing isolation, but provide individuals with a sense of belonging. They offer an environment of acceptance that serves as a refuge for those who may feel misunderstood and also creates a community where participants feel seen, heard, supported, and valued.

Frequently asked questions and more information about The Alliance’s support groups can be found here.

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It’s okay to ask for help! We encourage individuals experiencing eating disorders and their loved ones to reach out via our findEDhelp app/website and/or our helpline. Our national, interactive database,, includes eating disorder treatment options at all levels of care. We can provide referrals to all levels of care from eating disorders specialized therapists and dietitians to acute medical stabilization. Our helpline is run by licensed and specialized therapists.  For more information, please call 866-662-1235 or email us at

Educating Communities

Education is crucial in the quest to eliminate the shame and stigma that surrounds mental illness, particularly eating disorders. It is estimated that 29 million Americans will experience an eating disorder at some point during their lifetime. Early intervention leads to better outcomes. To be able to intervene, on any level, you must have a basic understanding of the disease. The National Alliance for Eating Disorders offers an extensive array of outreach and education programs, including our national one day EDucational Training Days, addressing all eating disorders to health professionals/facilities, social services agencies/community organizations, and schools.

Health Professionals/Facilities

Given the high prevalence and severity of eating disorders, specialized training in early identification and treatment of eating disorders is essential. However, only a small percentage of medical and allied health professionals ever receive proper training. The Alliance has the ability to offer free presentations, with Continuing Education Units, for many licensed physical and mental health professionals. Goals for these trainings include how to screen, diagnose, and refer individuals for treatment. The training may be held at your facility.

Social Services Agencies / Religious Organizations

Approximately 29 million Americans will experience an eating disorder during their lifetime. Thus, the likelihood of someone, already utilizing your services, living with an eating disorder is probable. We can provide training for your staff or congregation to be able to further assist these individuals to find proper services and treatment.

Pre-Teens and Teens

We have developed programs suitable for upper elementary, middle, and high school students. Each of the programs is delivered by an Alliance staff member and is age appropriate for the audience. We can accommodate classroom groups and/or assembly style presentations at your location. Our focus for students is Body Image, Self Esteem, Social Media, and Eating Disorders. These programs are also suitable for camps, youth groups, and other student focused organizations.

College Students

Our presentations are appropriate for all undergraduate and graduate programs. We will work with each professor or campus organization to customize the training to the needs of the coursework or campus environment. The training is held at your facility.


Programming for the adult community varies based on the need and/or request of the audience. The Alliance maintains a library of over 75 presentations addressing a varity of issues as they relate to eating disorders. We will work with your group to individualize the educational components to be addressed in the presentation. The training is held at your facility.
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Florida Psychological Services

The Alliance created Psychological Services to increase access to care for the underinsured and uninsured. Critical to serving those in need, treatment costs are nominal and no one is turned away due to lack of funds. Our program does not restrict the amount of private sessions, with frequency and duration determined on a case-by-case basis, with most patients being seen once a week while other patients are seen multiple times per week.


Southern Smash

Founded in November 2012 by McCall Dempsey, Southern Smash was created to fill a silent void in our society. Poor body image and negative self-talk have sadly become a cultural norm. Through its unique and empowering scale smashing event and SmashTALK panel discussions, the Southern Smash program aims to educate the public about eating disorders and empower individuals to celebrate and embrace true beauty and self-love. Southern Smash joined forces with The Alliance in mid-2019 to maximize its impact and work together to SMASH the stigma.



The Alliance is committed to the improvement of education, outreach, treatment and research of eating disorders. Regular trips to Washington D.C. and state capitals, letter writing campaigns, phone calls/emails, and training of other advocates are utilized to help be voices for change. Join us in using your voice for change!

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