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National Alliance for Eating Disorders:

The leading national organization providing eating disorder help, support, and education.

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Our Vision

The National Alliance for Eating Disorders (formerly The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness) is the leading national nonprofit organization providing referrals, education, and support for all individuals experiencing eating disorders and their loved ones.


Think you may have an eating disorder? The National Alliance for Eating Disorders ("The Alliance") provides the latest information on how to recognize signs and symptoms, understand the contributing factors, and help connect to the appropriate care.


You deserve to live your life beyond your eating disorder. The National Alliance for Eating Disorders provides a network for support and healing.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

December 09, 2022 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

National EDucational Virtual Training Day – December 2022

Join The Alliance for our National EDucational Virtual Training Day on Friday, December 9th. This full day focuses on topics including neurobiology and eating disorders, exercise…
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December 16, 2022 | 10:00 -11:30 am

Untangling the Eating Disordered Self: Methods for Healing Enmeshed Families

Not only do eating disorders impact individuals, but they also cause significant distress and dysfunction within family systems. Even the most savvy clinicians can find it challenging to collaborate with the family system to treat an individual struggling with an eating disorder due to dysfunctional patterns of attachment, like enmeshment. Furthermore, individuals struggling with eating disorders will often have impaired views of reality, making it challenging for them to develop an identity outside of their disorder. This presentation will provide ways of analyzing challenging eating disorder enmeshment patterns in family systems, methods and interventions for confronting clients' impaired realities, as well as provide case studies where we untangle clients and their family systems from their eating disorders.

The Blog

The Blog

December 02, 2022

Is There a Link Between Genetics and ARFID?

ARFID, the study indicates, shows strong connections to other disorders that indicate a genetic predisposition for developing disordered eating behavior.
November 30, 2022

Binge Eating Disorder and the Holiday Season

For many, the holiday season brings feelings of excitement, warmth, and closeness with family and friends. However, for those who struggle with disordered eating, the holidays may also bring anxiety around the many food-focused events and gatherings.
November 28, 2022

How to Recognize an Eating Disorder During the Holidays

The holidays are all about celebrating with loved ones. But, as they approach, anyone can get swept up in the stressors of the season. From hosting…

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