Living a Life Beyond Eating Disorders: A Conversation with Demi Lovato + Jameela Jamil

June 24, 2021

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness’ Founder + CEO, Johanna Kandel, recently sat down with Renowned Singer, Actress, and Activist, Demi Lovato, and Activist and Founder of I Weigh, Jameela Jamil.

Demi, Jameela, and Johanna have all been outspoken about their experiences with eating disorders and various other mental health issues. From chatting about the dangers of diet culture to the power of community, they had an open, honest, and vulnerable conversation surrounding living a life beyond eating disorders.

In response to living in a very diet-centered, fatphobic, weight-obsessed world, Demi described how they were able to “cut the cords” between themself and diet culture. When I realized that the scale didn’t define me; when I realized that my jean size doesn’t define me, or the amount or type of exercise I do — when I released the shackles… — that’s when I started to feel freedom.”

When asked why it is so important to share their personal experiences with eating disorders, Jameela stated, “I want to recycle all of that pain and 20 wasted years into something that means something. If I can, it’ll feel like I didn’t ‘waste’ all of that time and all of those years – like they happened for a reason and I did something with them that was meaningful and prevented someone else from maybe falling into that same trap.”

Johanna rounds out the conversation with a reminder: “If you are in the depths of your struggle, [please know] that there is help, there is hope, that recovery is possible.”

Click HERE or on  the image below to watch this important and impactful conversation:

Demi Lovato Jameela Jamil Alliance for Eating Disorders

We are so grateful to Demi and Jameela for their willingness to join The Alliance in creating awareness and smashing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and mental health.

If you are in need of support or resources, please call The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness at 866.662.1235 or visit