Haleigh Moller

June 16, 2022

Haleigh Moller (She/Her) is the Education Coordinator at the National Alliance for Eating Disorders. She recently moved to Florida after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Throughout high school and college, Haleigh volunteered for various nonprofit organizations in the community, where she has had the opportunity to help those in underserved areas. Haleigh also volunteered for four years in a cancer center, where she further discovered her passion for helping others.

In addition to her volunteer experience, Haleigh worked as a dietary technician at Parker Adventist Hospital throughout college, where she gained experience working with a variety of patients, including individuals suffering from eating disorders. Through this experience, Haleigh discovered her passion for mental health and eating disorder advocacy. After learning more about The Alliance, Haleigh felt that working for The Alliance would be the perfect fit, as this would allow her to grow her passion for eating disorder advocacy and awareness. As Education Coordinator, Haleigh hopes to help narrow some of the gaps that exist in traditional eating disorder education and training. When not working, you can find Haleigh traveling or reading on the beach.

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