Lisa Murano

December 24, 2018

Lisa Murano (She/Her) is a lifelong community activist. Her volunteerism began at a young age, helping disenfranchised girls access education and healthcare  services. While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Central Florida, Lisa served as founder and president of one of the university’s largest student organizations and piloted a grant-funded peer-education program.

Lisa has worked for community health-focused nonprofit organizations and political organizations, collaborating with elected officials and community leaders to make healthcare coverage a reality for millions.

Realizing that enacting policy is simply not enough to ensure access, Lisa became a licensed insurance agent to assist hundreds of families in accessing affordable healthcare. She transitioned into marketing and programming services with the agency, but eventually realized community-building work is where her heart lies.

Moved by the direct care and various services The Alliance offers, Lisa returned to nonprofit work to reconnect with communities in need. She is passionate about growing our services and reaching more people who are experiencing and recovered from eating disorders.

Lisa is a native Floridian and spends her free time sitting on the board of several organizations. She also enjoys live music.

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