Ximena Ringer

April 19, 2022

Ximena Ringer (She/Her), better known as China, is a Peruvian native who studied marketing and business administration. At the start of her career China worked in the tourism and hospitality industry. Later on transitioning to the Events and Marketing industry with all of the previously learned knowledge. China’s specialty is project management. During her career as a Project Manager and Events Producer she has worked on various high profile entertainment events such as the Pan American Games, Live Nation Concerts, and one of the Cirque du Soleil performances. As China has grown within her career she discovered a passion for giving back to the community which led her to working on a project that brought sports and cultural courses to underserved communities.

During 2020, China visited the States to see her long distance boyfriend. While visiting COVID lockdowns began and she was unable to return back to Peru. As she waited for the lockdown to end the relationship became more serious and she got married to Eric! Now they live happily in South Florida with two golden retrievers – Violet and Pretzel. Ximena has joined The Alliance to bring her skills and expertise to the eating disorder community. When she’s not working, China enjoys traveling, family quality time, and exploring new cuisines.

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