Self-Care in Difficult Times

March 26, 2020

When times get hard, especially like the trying times we’re going through now, it can be easy to allow anxiety and fear to overwhelm us. However, it is during these very times that we can use our best coping skills to help us through.

No matter where we are in our lives; in or out of recovery, currently seeking treatment, or beginning our journey, how we choose to cope can look different for us all. What can be similar is our want or desire to overcome fear, anxiety, or recurring trauma. Of course we’ve all had differing and similar challenges. But the who, what, and where of treatment and recovery usually follows the same or similar models.

With what is going on in the world today, I think one of the most important coping mechanisms is proper and frequent self-care. Of course this will be different for everyone, based on our abilities, knowledge, and lifestyles. Essentially what it should come down to is doing those things that bring us joy. Things that keep us mindful of who we are and how far we’ve come. Being mindful and grateful are two important factors when practicing self-care.

When we are anxious, sometimes we are unable to ask for or seek help. Right now most of us may be isolated from our friends, families, co-workers, and even the world. It is during these times that we need to seek human interaction. We need conversation, laughter, and encouragement more than ever. Even if our heads are telling us that we are burdens, or we are unable to find the words to ask, find the strength to reach out. I know it can be scary to ask for help, conversation, or just plain interaction, but I challenge you to push through it and do it! It will be so rewarding when you do.

Lastly, in small doses, and in healthy environments, spending some time with yourself can be helpful. Positive self-talk and encouragement opens us up for those things from others. How better would we be able to acknowledge and accept positivity from others, than if we recognize it in ourselves?

Remember, this is a temporary situation. No matter the storm’s intensity, it won’t last forever. The bright and beautiful sunshine of life will return to us, and we would have made it through. Take care of, and love yourselves.

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