We Can Do Hard Things

By: Takechia Jackson
March 27, 2021
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We Can Do Hard Things!

Life without hardships? Well, that’s not something that anyone can promise you.

There will surely be times that you don’t know what you to do.

It seems that no matter how well you plan for the best days,
life has its own twist, turns, and unpredictable ways.

No one can map out every single venture or space.

It’s like a marathon, and the only way to make it through is to stay in the race.

Yet, as uncertain as this journey will can be there is an abundance of hope for you and me.

Storms don’t last, no matter how strong the winds or abundant the rain.

Tears don’t flow forever, no matter how much sorrow and pain.

The sun will indeed shine and the winds will cease.

There will be joy for any sorrow, and in the place of turmoil you’ll have indescribable peace.

No matter what comes, never forget that you’re destined to make it through.

Even when others may doubt, don’t YOU give up on you!

Life is full of challenges but no matter what it brings, always remember that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!


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