// What is Eating Disorders Awareness Week? What is Eating Disorders Awareness Week?

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

February 17, 2021
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Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Did you know that 29 million Americans will experience a clinically significant eating disorder during their lifetime? Yet, only one-third of people with eating disorders will ever receive treatment. Eating Disorders Awareness Week was developed to reduce the stigma, raise awareness and provide better access to support for those struggling with an eating disorder.

That’s why The Alliance For Eating Disorders Awareness said “NOT ONE MORE.” The Alliance works tirelessly every day to ensure that NOT ONE MORE life is lost, NOT ONE MORE child is taken and NOT ONE MORE precious moment is destroyed by this insidious disease. To help in this fight, we host NOT ONE MORE Weekend, during Eating Disorders Awareness Week, in which we continue to raise awareness and offer direct support to families and individuals across the globe. 

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us in recognizing Eating Disorders Awareness Week and participating in our inaugural NOT ONE MORE Weekend. Thousands of you from across the globe were engaged in a variety of meaningful ways during our National Days of Help, Support, and Recovery. Below are just a few ways you helped us make a difference.

Day of Help: Through findEDhelp.com and our helpline, The Alliance provided more than 14,620 referrals for all levels of eating disorder care–our highest amount ever!
Day of Support: 1,629 people joined us for our 16-hour Support Group Marathon–bringing strength, compassion and camaraderie to more people than ever before! We invite you to continue joining The Alliance’s free, therapist-led support groups. Visit https://www.allianceforeatingdisorders.com/recovery-programs-and-support/ for more information.
Day of Recovery: We are thrilled that hundreds of you joined us for our Rally for Recovery, hearing inspiring stories of recovery and hope. A heartfelt Celebration of Life reminded us why we work so hard every day to ensure NOT ONE MORE life is lost to this disease. If you missed it or want to watch it again, you can view it here

We are overwhelmed with gratitude that our community came together and raised more than $111,513 (and counting!) that will directly fund our free, weekly, virtual, therapist-led support groups. Already in the first two months of the year, more than 4,300 people have attended an Alliance support group! It is because of your hard work and generosity that we can continue to provide access to care and support. Thank you to everyone who made NOT ONE MORE Weekend a success and we look forward to making this a recurring tradition in the years to come. 


If you or a loved one is currently struggling with an eating disorder, it’s important to know that you are not alone. The Alliance is here and we understand what you are going through. While it may not seem possible now, it’s important to know that life in full recovery is possible. Our team of experts is uniquely trained to seek out and connect you with the necessary resources to get you there. Connect with us at https://Findedhelp.com/ to find eating disorder treatment options near you today.


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