For Loved Ones, Pro-Recovery,

West Palm Beach

Monday Evenings (Pro-Recovery) 7:00-8:30pm EST Wednesday Evenings (Loved Ones) 7:00-8:30pm EST

For Loved Ones Support Group

The Friends & Family Support Group is designed for loved ones only (ages 12+, with a guardian). This group provides friends and family with the space to both give and receive support to one another, while also learning how to best support their loved one.

Pro-Recovery Support Group

For individuals (ages 18+) who are experiencing and recovering from eating disorders. These free therapist-led groups help create connection and a community where individuals feel seen, heard, supported, and valued.

Confidentiality & Rules

The Alliance’s Support Groups are all confidential. Any topics that are discussed during a support group remain within the support group room and all group member identities remain confidential.

Group conversation does not include specifics pertaining to numbers, calories, rituals, behaviors, specific treatment providers/programs, discussion about medications, or trauma/violence.


National Alliance for Eating Disorders Headquarters
4400 N Congress Avenue, Ste. #100
West Palm Beach, FL 33407