Not One More 2024 | Alsana

February 07, 2024

To me, NOT ONE MORE means not another precious moment spent enslaved to rules that do nothing but erode self-trust and drain the color from life. It means putting an end to the vortex of a disorder that monopolizes your brain space leaving only exhaustion and debilitating shame.

NOT ONE MORE means reclaiming that brain space so people can remember that life is more than what they eat, more than what they look like, and more than what they can control.

It’s giving back the joy and purpose in pursing bigger dreams, and I’m always so curious and so excited to see what people do with the extra time, freedom, and energy that comes with recovery.

Maybe it’s savoring each minute with your kids, finally able to be truly present without the internal warring voices shouting constantly to follow the eating disorders instructions, or listing all the reasons you’re not enough.

Maybe it’s spending more time with friends and more weekends exploring. Maybe it’s working to find a cure for our most ferocious diseases, fighting for change in your community, or finding new ways to protect our climate.

NOT ONE MORE is pushing back against diet culture and making it possible for people to turn their faces to the sun and remember that there is love in this world, and they are capable of amazing things.


Alsana® is an eating recovery community and treatment provider with in-person Residential and PHP/IOP programs in Alabama, California, and Missouri, and Virtual PHP/IOP offerings across the United States. Their approach to eating disorder treatment is compassionate, evidence-based, and designed in alignment with the Adaptive Care Model®, a holistic method that seeks to address healing in all areas of clients’ lives by integrating medical, nutritional, and therapeutic care with movement and relational therapies. Alsana serves adult clients of all genders and sexual identities struggling with a broad spectrum of eating, feeding, and co-occurring disorders. Alsana’s programs are designed to accommodate the unique needs of vegan clients and clients struggling with ED-DMT1, also known as “diabulimia.” Learn more at