Not One More | The Emily Program

February 21, 2023

At The Emily Program, we are honored to extend a hand to extraordinarily brave clients embarking on a journey toward recovery. While every individual’s story is uniquely theirs, each involves a powerful theme of reclamation. A reclamation of body and mind. Of cast-aside values and once-beloved hobbies. Of severed relationships and discarded dreams, and of worth and inner trust.

Every day we see clients reclaim what was lost to their eating disorders. We see them take back their lives with a fierce commitment to their current and future selves. We see them no longer defined by their illness, but by the strength, resolve, and courage they show in healing instead.

It’s a privilege to be part of our clients’ stories, offering the care and support they need to recover from their eating disorders. Together we pave the way to healing with the hope that not one more precious day will be stolen by this disease.

For our clients we hope for:

Not one more day steeped in isolation, self-loathing, and secret shame
Not one more day of agonizing over food decisions
Not one more day picking apart and analyzing your body
Not one more day of engaging in rigid rules and routines
Not one more day acting without love for the whole self
Not one more day at war with your body or the contents of your plate
Not one more day falsely convinced of your unworthiness
Not one more day of claiming your illness as your identity
Not one more day in fear of leaving the disorder behind
Not one more day of numbness and a stripped personality
Not one more day of just trying to survive
Not one more day doubting whether recovery is for you

Our clients’ journey to reclaim their lives extends beyond their time with us. They leave treatment armed with tools to better regulate their emotions and relate to food and their bodies in a constructive way. Still, the journey is far from simple, full of rocky slips and untold triumphs. It requires continuous unlearning, challenging eating disorder-fueled destructive behaviors, and rejecting cultural messages and cognitive distortions around food, weight, and body. The work is hard––and we know it’s worth it. We see it in our clients every day.

We wish to live in a world where not one more will needlessly suffer or be lost to this insidious disease. We all have a role in advancing eating disorder awareness, banishing widely held misconceptions, and ensuring all individuals have opportunities for compassionate, life-giving care.

We will continue our work of lighting the path and standing steadfast along the way, ready to lend a guiding hand to those suffering. Not one more person should have to face this disease alone. Not one more person’s days should be defined by their eating disorder. We won’t rest until not one more becomes a reality.

The Emily Program’s vision is a world of peaceful relationships with food, weight, and body image, where everyone with an eating disorder can experience recovery. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, we provide comprehensive, individualized care leading to recovery from eating disorders, incorporating individual, group, and family therapy, nutrition, psychiatry, medical care, yoga, and more. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call 1-888-EMILY-77 or visit