Monica Alomia

September 09, 2022

When an organization needs… organization, they call Monica Alomia (she/her).  Ever since she was a child in her native Peru and throughout her 20-year career in Florida, Monica thrives on making sure operations run smoothly. And she can do it in two languages! Monica is a Business Administration graduate with extensive experience managing client-centric office operations in Health, Financial and in Public Sectors. She truly prides herself on making everyone around her look good, especially top-level executives.

Working for local government is where Monica found her passion for helping others. In her down time, she volunteers and gives back to the South Florida community she loves so much. That’s why Monica is so excited about joining the National Alliance for Eating Disorders. When she’s not helping those in need, you’ll find Monica crafting, attending music concerts – or just soaking up the sun on one of Florida’s many beaches.

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