What Does a Dietitian Do?

June 14, 2024

The terms dietitian, nutritionist, and nutrition coach are often used interchangeably — but they are not the same. A dietitian, or registered dietitian, has had extensive education, specialized coursework, an internship and a national exam, along with continuing education and state licensure. They provide expert nutrition education, create personalized meal plans, and collaborate with other health care providers. With a weight-inclusive, all-foods-fit approach, dietitians can support your eating disorder recovery and help you rebuild a peaceful relationship with food. Learn more about the role dietitians play in eating disorder treatment.

Excerpt from Eating Recovery Center:

Dietitians act as your food and nutrition experts. They have a deep understanding of the critical role food plays in the body and can help you heal your relationship with food.

They teach you the fundamentals of nutrition and how it can impact your health and development. Dietitians help individuals and their families translate nutrition facts into tangible actions and goals that can be used in day-to-day life to meet your needs.

A dietitian can do the following:

  • Provide education on the role foods play in the body
  • Help you figure out what foods best nourish your body
  • Create an individualized meal plan
  • Teach you how to understand your body’s needs
  • Work alongside your other medical professionals to help you meet your goals
  • Help you on your journey to creating a peaceful relationship with food
  • Help you navigate restaurants and grocery stores

And so much more!


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