NOT ONE MORE x Reasons Eating Disorder Center

February 07, 2022

Each year, the National Alliance for Eating Disorders hosts Not One More Weekend to raise awareness of eating disorders, to offer support, and to raise funds for free, virtual, eating disorders support groups. As an ally of The Alliance and of Not One More Weekend, Reasons Eating Disorder Center is committed to being a part of this important conversation.

Recently, Reasons alumni and staff came together to discuss what “Not One More” meant to each of us. The conversation was inspiring, challenging, and organically shifted into a discussion about, “How do we create the changes we hope to see? What are the opportunities we can take?”

As a result of this conversation, our thoughts on “Not One More” began to focus on the idea of not one more opportunity missed to make a difference within the eating disorder recovery community. We generated a list of inspiring opportunities, and also an immediate action we could take together: co-authoring this blog post to share the notes from our conversation. Our hope was that our collective list of “not one more” opportunities to explore, and our collective voices shared in this post might spark ideas of your own, or help you identify “one more” opportunity that you don’t want to miss on the path of eating disorder recovery.

Not One More” Opportunities from Reasons Alumni:

  • Not one more day feeling alone
  • Not one more day fighting yourself
  • Not one more day in fear
  • Not one more day in silence
  • Not one more day without support
  • Not one more day without your loved one
  • Not one more missed opportunity to educate
  • Not one more person lost to diet culture
  • Not one more marginalized community missed
  • Not one more day of lack of representation
  • Not one more day without education
  • Not one more day turning a blind eye
  • Not one more day of embracing misconceptions and stigma
  • Not one more child, friend, parent, sibling, or partner

While “Not One More” opportunities like these can serve as a meaningful battle cry and motivator, we know that the words themselves are not enough. Identifying, and then acting on, these opportunities can feel a bit overwhelming. Where do you even start?

  • Support: Don’t miss one more opportunity to receive and give support. Support can mean many different things. Join a support group (like the ones offered by the National Alliance for Eating Disorders). Connect with a therapist. Access and fill your coping skills tool box. Tell someone you’re there to support them. Sometimes, we just need someone to recognize the pain and remind us we are not alone. If needed, call a hotline, such as the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
  • Education: New discoveries occur constantly in the world of eating disorders and mental health. As professionals, prioritize professional development and commit to sharing your knowledge with others. For those who are in eating disorder recovery, are recovering, or are supporting a loved one, your experiences and stories are important. Educate others by using your voice and sharing.
  • Hard Conversations: We must speak up and listen up. When we feel uncomfortable or think saying something might be challenging, these are the moments that create change! Keep in mind that hard conversations can still be compassionate and non-judgmental. This is helpful tip when you identify a teaching moment around eating disorders, marginalized communities, fat phobia, diet culture, Health at Every Size® – whatever the topic, commit to having the hard conversations with compassion. Also, commit to learning and listening to others. It’s okay to have questions when you’re seeking to understand more. Ask for support and stay open to learning from others.
  • Advocacy: Get involved in your communities and advocacy groups. Countless organizations and people throughout the world work on initiatives to support eating disorders awareness and remove mental health stigma. The Eating Disorders Coalition is a group dedicated to influence federal policy. Southern Smash, a program of The Alliance, connects with college campuses to increase eating disorders awareness and connect folx to support. Other organizations go into the schools to teach kids about body positivity and compliments that count. Find a place to make an impact.

These are just a few ideas for how you can take action on your “Not One More” opportunities, but the opportunities are endless. Remember: you are strong and you can help! We all have different gifts to bring to this important initiative, and every one of us must heed our personal calling to help. Because we all want to live in a world of not one more.

Reasons Eating Disorder Center in Los Angeles, CA provides comprehensive, personalized and gender-inclusive treatment programs for ages 18 and older. Reasons’ programs are designed to address the complexities of eating disorders and their intersection with anxiety, trauma, OCD, and substance abuse by providing each patient with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to assist in their process of healing. We offer our patients hope rooted in the belief that they are capable of living an authentic life of meaning and connectedness.

 If you or someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder, please reach out to us at The Alliance. Our team is uniquely qualified to connect you with the support needed to begin your recovery journey. Visit our national, interactive database to find eating disorder treatment near you today or reach out to us for more help and resources.


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