Not One More 2024 | Monte Nido & Affiliates

February 16, 2024

Monte Nido Strives for NOT ONE MORE Silent Struggle

In our support of NOT ONE MORE Weekend this year, we continue our work breaking down stigmas so that those who may be suffering from an eating disorder feel safe enough and empowered to ask for help. We strive for a world where there is “Not One More Silent Struggle.”

In a country where 28.8 million people will have an eating disorder in their lifetime, and only one in 10 of them will get care, now is the time to end the silent struggle.

At Monte Nido & Affiliates, we aspire to create an environment where individuals grappling with eating disorders not only feel safe but empowered to seek help without the burden of fear or shame. We will do this by collectively working toward our mission: Guided by empathy and unwavering support, we challenge harmful norms and work to eradicate eating disorders.

And we invite others to join us, because we are stronger together.

Not One More Silent Struggle” means breaking the cycle of isolation that individuals wrestling with their relationship to food and body image often feel trapped in. Many people with eating disorders continue to silently endure their struggles without seeking help. They struggle in silence because of societal stigma and misconceptions. Others because of the vulnerability and challenges that come with confronting and treating this complex disease.

The flawed belief that one should overcome these challenges independently can also keep a person silent in their struggle. This silence often means delayed intervention and thus heightened physical and psychological harm.

The collective call, “NOT ONE MORE,” serves as a powerful assertion against silent suffering. We envision a world where those fighting eating disorders can have courage and support in seeking help to embark on their own journey to recovery.

We know that it is imperative to foster an environment of understanding and empathy, where individuals are encouraged to share their struggles openly. We aim to provide unconditional support to clients, families, friends and loved ones – standing by them unwaveringly on their path to recovery.

More than a campaign “Not One More” is a call to action. Each day should not be marked by this quiet pain but rather by moments we choose to speak out, seek help, and begin a journey toward recovery. We encourage this through fostering open conversations, breaking down the barriers of stigma, and creating a world full of compassion, understanding, and unwavering support for those with an eating disorder.

Together, we can create a world with not one more silent struggle and where no one has to experience this disease alone.

Melissa Spann, PhD, MBA, CEDS-C is Chief Clinical Officer at Monte Nido & Affiliates, overseeing the clinical operations and programming for over 50 programs across the U.S. Dr. Spann is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and clinical supervisor as well as an accomplished presenter and passionate clinician who has spent her career working in the eating disorder field in higher levels of care. She is a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals where she serves on the national certification committee, supervision faculty, and is on the board of her local chapter. She received her doctoral degree from Drexel University, master’s degree from the University of Miami, and bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida.

Monte Nido & Affiliates is a leading provider of eating disorder treatment, offering inpatient, residential, and in-person and virtual day treatment programs. For over two decades, our expert staff of eating disorder professionals have delivered compassionate care, breakthrough outcomes, and long-term recovery for our clients. Founded in 1996, Monte Nido & Affiliates currently operates more than 50 programs across four distinct eating disorder program brands: Monte Nido, Walden, Rosewood and Clementine.