August 31, 2020
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Nicolette Mason

A powerful voice in the LGBTQ and plus-size communities, Nicolette Mason (She/Her) breaks the media molds of beauty standards with the mission that people of any size, color, background or sexual orientation should take risks with their style and embrace their inner voice. Featured as one of Forbes Top Fashion Influencers in 2017 Nicolette is a multi-talented writer, design consultant, public speaker, and personality. She previously served on the board for Barbie’s efforts to create more inclusive and progressive dolls for future generations, and worked as a consultant for Target for their Ava and Viv plus size line as well as Nordstrom’s recent inclusivity efforts. Nicolette has designed numerous successful capsule collections, and worked with every major plus-size brand in addition to global beauty and hair care brands. She launched a fashion forward plus-sized clothing line, Premme, with fellow influencer, Gabi Gregg. Premme’s launch can only be described as outstanding, with the site crashing upon launch due to traffic overload and almost every major news outlet online and off covering the debut. In 2018 she collaborated with the designer retailer, 11Honore, on their first capsule collection with 3 plus size designer pieces ranging from $350 retail to $1,000. Today, Nicolette uses her platforms to drive the conversation for diversity and inclusivity as well as consulting with brands for their DE&I efforts. Nicolette has been featured by Forbes, Vogue, the Today Show, and many more.

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