NOT ONE MORE x Monte Nido & Affiliates

February 21, 2022

Supporting clients on their journey through recovery to becoming fully recovered is far from easy. It is filled with a mixture of emotions, certainly too many to write on one blog post. Not One More is such a powerful topic and, while very hard to dwindle down to a word count, is the reason I come to work every day. It is the reason I sit in sessions, meals, and the countless other times I can remember supporting clients on their journey to recovery. It is the reason I give so much of myself to my clients and my work, supporting them on their long and arduous trip that is recovery. However, for the sake of this post, when I think of myself and what Not One More means, I think of doing whatever I can to help a client succeed. Whether that is at the meal table, doing the hardest thing they can imagine, to the therapy room, confronting the demons and fear that they have hid for so long. To countless other check-ins, clothing exposures, parent calls, and spending time conversing with a client practicing what it means to be in their lives. It means modeling vulnerability and emotional expression to show them that the world is not so scary.

One of the most impactful things that I think about when I think about Not One More is to foster a deeply invested relationship and connection with all clients. I have laughed, supported, challenged, cried, and grieved with many throughout this journey, in a relationship that can only been fostered as they challenge their unhealthy selves and open themselves up to the relationships and connections that come with their authentic selves. I am continuously honored as client’s place their trust and safety in me to go on their journey together, despite immense fear and hesitation.

Leaning on the relationships that clients foster throughout this journey allows space for them to decrease their dependence on their eating disorders. This also fosters self-empowerment and confidence so that they get to the place to say Not One More. I find purpose and joy when a client is able to challenge their behaviors, ride the waves of their emotions, and do something in their recovery that has truly scared them. It is incredibly impactful when clients call me up and say they are living their lives, without fear of their unhealthy selves or being bogged down by their eating disorders.

I also think of being the holder of hope for all clients when they are unable to hold it for themselves. This allows space for clients to believe in something when they are unable to believe in themselves. Being the holder of hope for many of my clients is such a privilege that I do not take lightly. It allows for the beauty of connection that can only come when they lean into their healthy selves.

So, in short, Not One More is more than an idea, it is truly an embodiment that comes with me into every interaction with a client. It allows me to give all of myself to my clients to one day allow myself to be out of a job.

Monte Nido & Affiliates delivers clinically comprehensive, research-backed treatment to adults and adolescents with eating and co-occurring disorders, within a healing environment. As a Miami, FL-based company, Monte Nido & Affiliates has over 40 programs in 13 states, offering a full continuum of care. Founded in 1996, Monte Nido & Affiliates specializes in the treatment of eating disorders for all genders and includes five distinct clinical programs: Monte Nido, Walden Behavioral Care, Clementine, Oliver-Pyatt Centers, and Rosewood Centers. For over two decades, our tenured and expert staff — which includes recovered professionals — has delivered treatment that leads to full recovery.

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