April 11, 2020
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What To Do If Your Loved One Is Struggling With An Eating Disorder During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and begin to define our “new normal”, it’s important to acknowledge the impact these times can have on individuals suffering from an untreated eating disorder, as well as those who are in recovery.  The related uncertainty and stress can trigger or exacerbate eating disordered behaviors. Additionally, shelter in place mandates provides increased opportunities for a loved one’s eating disordered behaviors to be directly observed by family members and their…
April 09, 2020
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Taking Back the Power From My Eating Disorder

I used to think that recovery was getting to a place in my life where I was no longer engaging in behaviors. I believed it to be the moment when I would love my body no matter what, and I would be happy and bullet proof and a self-help guru. I believed that recovery was this magical place where I would want “it” all the time and I could see past all the pain and…
April 07, 2020
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10 Tips for Coping and Thriving While Keeping Our Distance

We are in a situation that most of us have never experienced. Amidst strict CDC recommendations to help contain the novel coronavirus COVID-19, many of us are practicing “social distancing” for the first time. Self-isolation, physical distancing, quarantine, and shelter in place actions are significantly changing the way we live our day-to-day lives. For many of us, staying home can feel strange. For those more acclimated to staying home, this time still presents new challenges.…
April 04, 2020
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Celebrating Four Years Recovered

Today I celebrate four years recovered, four years free from my demons, four years of living life without my eating disorder. To celebrate my recovery anniversary, I decided to write a letter to myself who was starting on her recovery journey, and had no idea what these past four years would hold.  Dear Amy, Today you learned that what you were most afraid of, was actually what ended up saving you. That’s why April 4th…
April 02, 2020
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Staying Connected During Social Distancing

If you’ve been working on recovery from your eating disorder, you are probably well aware of the importance of staying connected. But how does this work if you’re socially distancing? Here are three areas that you can focus on during this time. Connecting with Self. Social distancing is offering us a rare opportunity to have extra time to connect with ourselves. This might be daunting for some as our normal day-to-day tasks might have previously…

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