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February 21, 2023
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Not One More | The Emily Program

At The Emily Program, we are honored to extend a hand to extraordinarily brave clients embarking on a journey toward recovery. While every individual’s story is uniquely theirs, each involves a powerful theme of reclamation. A reclamation of body and mind. Of cast-aside values and once-beloved hobbies. Of severed relationships and discarded dreams, and of worth and inner trust. Every day we see clients reclaim what was lost to their eating disorders. We see them…
February 20, 2023
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Not One More | Eating Recovery Center

Alone: Not One More, Not Anymore If I had a superpower that would let me instantly connect those battling an eating disorder with all the support to make recovery go as effectively as possible, I would do it in .00001 seconds. I am a social worker, and while we have some incredible skills, superpowers are not one of them. As much as I want an instant network of helpers, and the person battling the eating…
February 17, 2023
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Not One More | Center for Discovery

To me, “not one more” means that person of an ethnic minority does not continue to face an eating disorder without treatment, because of cultural stigma. Cultural minorities, particularly women in the Indo-Caribbean culture, grow into what becomes their cultural norm to engage in disordered eating habits that are often a result of being bullied about their weight and body image, more often than not, by family and relatives. This distortion can cause a seemingly…
February 16, 2023
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Not One More | Alsana

Not One More. For me and the rest of the Alsana team, this means working collectively to spread awareness about eating disorders and their impact on individuals, families, and communities, as well as spreading support to those struggling to show them that their lives and experiences matter. This acknowledgement and understanding breeds compassion - an essential ingredient in sustained recovery from eating disorders and an important step in reaching the goal of having “Not One…
February 15, 2023
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Not One More | Monte Nido & Affiliates

“Not One More" is a powerful slogan that carries a message of hope and resilience for those who have been affected by eating disorders. To me, it means that we will not accept another life lost to this illness. We will not stand by and watch another person suffer in silence. It is a call to action, a reminder that we have the power to make a difference and to support one another. Eating disorders…
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