Eating Disorder Recovery Blog

February 14, 2023
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Not One More | Equip

Eating Disorder Recovery as an Asian American First and foremost, I am writing from the perspective as a young adult Asian American who is in recovery from an eating disorder. I understand that everyone’s experience is unique to their own life circumstances, and I am simply sharing my personal journey. I hope that there will be a few who are able to resonate with my story or even expand their understanding of eating disorders in…
February 13, 2023
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Not One More | Within Health

I studied my mother’s face as the doctor explained the “problem” with my body. He handed us each a shiny pamphlet with fruits and vegetables on the cover detailing the “simple way” to change me: eat less and move more. Even at twelve I knew what it meant to be told I needed to lose weight. The shame on my mother’s face, that may or may not have even been there, and the humiliation I…
February 10, 2023
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Not One More | ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders

Many of the physical manifestations of an eating disorder are overlooked or are accepted as a part of life. For those suffering from an eating disorder as well as their loved ones, it can become easy to accept that this is just how it is now; the physical pain and emotional pain, the lack of energy and mental clarity and the lack of physical strength or ability to perform daily tasks of living are all…
February 09, 2023
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Not One More | Center for Change

Alison. Laina. Rachel. Amy. Natalie. Raelyn. These six beautiful souls were my friends, roommates, and confidantes. They were some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. They showed up for me in my darkest moments. They died so young, so quickly. It’s all so unfair. You see, I met all these women during my time in treatment for an eating disorder. We met in unpredictable circumstances, some of us at our rock bottoms, and because…
February 08, 2023
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Not One More | The Renfrew Center

The Alliance’s call to action of Not One More is vital to allowing new awareness to emerge and grow. I wonder though that in the first moments of hearing “not one more” it is possible that some of us may experience frustration and fear rising and causing a cloud of fog to emerge that keeps us from believing in the power of the movement and ourselves? Keeping in our mind’s eye, that these intense feelings…
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