Eating Disorder Recovery Blog

April 28, 2020
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Navigating Recovery During a Pandemic: A Nurse’s Story

It seems safe to say that this past month has rocked our world. We worry for the health and safety of our friends and family, and we grieve the loss of our routines and sense of normalcy. Some of us may even be mourning the loss of treasured friends and family members. In times like this, it can feel difficult for anyone to feel positive and motivated for the future. For those of us in…
April 14, 2020
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Managing Stress with Effective Self-Care

My smartwatch keeps telling me my heart rate is elevated these days. It also keeps alerting me about a new headline regarding COVID-19, inclement weather, or some other less-than-pleasant event. It feels inevitable that certain elements of our new reality will affect my stress level. Here are nine helpful ways I’m managing my stress these days using self-care. 1) Disconnect to reconnect One impactful way to engage in self-care is to take a break from…
April 11, 2020
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Supporting Eating Disorder Recovery During COVID-19

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and begin to define our “new normal”, it’s important to acknowledge the impact these times can have on individuals suffering from an untreated eating disorder, as well as those who are in recovery.  The related uncertainty and stress can trigger or exacerbate eating disordered behaviors. Additionally, shelter in place mandates provides increased opportunities for a loved one’s eating disordered behaviors to be directly observed by family members and their…
April 09, 2020
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Taking Back the Power From My Eating Disorder

I used to think that recovery was getting to a place in my life where I was no longer engaging in behaviors. I believed it to be the moment when I would love my body no matter what, and I would be happy and bullet proof and a self-help guru. I believed that recovery was this magical place where I would want “it” all the time and I could see past all the pain and…
April 07, 2020
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10 Tips for Coping While You Practice Social Distancing

We are in a situation that most of us have never experienced. Amidst strict CDC recommendations to help contain the novel coronavirus COVID-19, many of us are practicing “social distancing” for the first time. Self-isolation, physical distancing, quarantine, and shelter in place actions are significantly changing the way we live our day-to-day lives. For many of us, staying home can feel strange. For those more acclimated to staying home, this time still presents new challenges.…
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