Eating Disorder Recovery Blog

August 28, 2019
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Gaining Confidence Through Clothing: A Recovery Story

Let’s keep it real, everyone wants to look good in whatever they’re wearing. Growing up, for others, affording a pair of jeans you liked meant devising a plan and coming correct to your parents for the coins. But for me, living in a larger body meant that I didn’t ask my mother for the money because the stores didn’t sell my size. Shopping was frustrating, and a lot of times, overwhelming. Right before my 17th…
July 27, 2019
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Healthy Communication in Eating Disorder Recovery

Not surprisingly, a major focus of therapy for people who have eating disorders is helping them to develop healthier ways of coping with and releasing negative emotions that do not “hurt” their bodies. Learning to give up these self-harming behaviors and live in ways that are consistent with their most cherished values is not easy, but it is doable, with help. As I often tell my patients, when we suppress, we depress. Humans were built…
July 01, 2019
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Your Meal Plan: Build a Strong Foundation

I often ask my clients to think of their meal plan like the blueprints for building a house. Some parts will be more tedious than others (like sorting out wood for framing) and there will be lots of repetition (just think how much hammering goes into building a house). Some parts will be scary and require support (there’s a reason roofers don’t work alone), while other parts will require creativity and flexibility (picking finishes). There…
June 04, 2019
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The Relationship Between Eating Disorders and Grief

Experiencing a significant loss such as losing a loved one, a pet, a relationship, or a job can bring on feelings of grief that can be extremely overwhelming. Typical feelings associated with grief include sadness, anger, guilt, numbness, and confusion. In addition to these emotions, individuals who are grieving may have changes in their appetite, weight, and/or have difficulties with sleep. Individuals may avoid discussing the loss as well as avoid people or places that…
May 09, 2019
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Supporting a Loved One Through Mental Illness

It is likely you have been on either or both sides of this conversation. Most of us have found ourselves either receiving care from a loved one during a season of mental illness, or providing care for someone we love who is struggling through their own hard season. Both positions are important ones. Working up the courage to be vulnerable and to confide in a loved one about an internal battle you’ve been facing is…
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