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December 30, 2019
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How Do We Navigate Negative Food and Body Image Talk?

As we celebrate the holidays, we are reunited with many family members and loved ones. We know from experience as we gather together, it doesn’t take long for negative food and body image talk to begin; sometimes it can even start at “hello.” Often our loved ones mean well, but these comments can hurt and can be a trigger for someone who is suffering from an eating disorder. It is only natural for us to…
December 22, 2019
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Surviving the Holidays with an Eating Disorder

I’m sure we’ve all heard the song, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate in the coming weeks, the holiday season isn’t always as wonderful as all the songs and Hallmark movies make it out to be.  Living with an eating disorder is hard.  Navigating the holidays with an eating disorder.  Even harder. So, here are some tips that help me through the holiday season: Schedule some time…
December 01, 2019
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Four Tips for Reducing Negative Self-Talk

Four Tips for Reducing Negative Self-Talk “I’m so disgusting. There’s no way I am going to this party tonight. All people are going to think about is how fat I’ve gotten and how boring I am.” Negative self-talk, stemming from beliefs about your self and your body, go hand-in-hand with eating disorder behaviors. Feelings such as shame, disgust, and anger often fuel these thoughts. In turn, the swirl of those thoughts and emotions make us…
November 16, 2019
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Seven SMASHing Years Later

Today, Southern Smash turns seven! I often get asked, “How did you start Southern Smash? How did you make it what it is today?" The answer is simple: I have no idea. Well, I have *some* idea. It all started with a silent promise I made eight years ago. March 2, 2011 I was a hot mess of tears and emotions as I hugged my therapist, Christy, goodbye. After three long months, I was finally…
November 03, 2019
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Eating Disorders and College: What’s the Connection?

The beginning of fall is often associated with the start of a new school year and for many the transition to their first year of college. While this transition is usually an exciting time, it can also bring about increased levels of stress, anxiety, and overall unfamiliar territory. “Historically, September and October have been my busiest times as an eating disorder specialist, notes Dr. Cornia, Clinical Director at Magnolia Creek. The upcoming college transition coupled…
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