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February 25, 2021
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A Letter to Parents of Children with Eating Disorders

When my child was in the grips of his eating disorder, every day was filled with “not one more” wishes. Not one more appointment with a doctor, therapist, dietitian or psychiatrist, who all contradicted one another. Not one more trip to the hospital for medical stabilization. Not one more stressful meal. Not one more night sleeping in the chair outside my son’s bedroom, terrified he’ll die. Not one more stolen moment in the bathroom with…
February 24, 2021
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Eating Disorder Advocacy After Recovery

When I think of Not One More, I think of a very special young lady that we lost to her eating disorder. I was blessed to have known her and work with her as her therapist and was devastated to lose her to this disease. Since her loss, every time I smash a scale or go to an eating disorder awareness walk or event, I think of never losing another to an eating disorder again.…
February 23, 2021
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Why We Support Eating Disorder Awareness

How cool to be part of a weekend, a moment in time, a coming together in our eating disorder community where we raise our collective voices and say, “Enough. NOT ONE MORE.” Every eating disorder non-profit organization, treatment center, individual provider, family member, and person in recovery is here in this community because we believe in you. We believe in recovery. We believe every person deserves the support needed to reach that goal. Here at…
February 21, 2021
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Why We Fight: NOT ONE MORE

Not one more person living with the experience of body shame and self-loathing. Not one more body labeled as unworthy of love. Not one more child given negative messages about their weight and shape. Not one more moment lost to fear and anxiety. Not one more individual receiving culturally incompetent care for an eating disorder Not one more person thinking that mental illness does not exist. Not one more provider making the mistake of not…
February 20, 2021
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Navigating Eating Disorders and Abuse

I will never understand how people with such beautiful souls, incredible minds, empathetic hearts and an energy that is so radiant it captures the attention of everyone around them, are given such burdens to carry in this world. Never. I did not choose to have an eating disorder. The eating disorder chose me. I carried the weight of many secrets and burdens starting at a very young age, for a very long time. This weight…

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