Are Eating Disorders Genetic?

02/27/2024 | By

Eating disorders are common, serious, and treatable health conditions. But why do some people experience eating disorders while others do

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Eating Disorders and the DSM-5: A Complicated History

02/02/2024 | By

Diagnosing an eating disorder comes with an intense, complicated, and often tragic history. (We touch on it a bit in

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What Exactly Does an Eating Disorder Therapist Do?

01/30/2024 | By

Recovery from eating disorders (EDs) requires compassion, understanding, and a comprehensive approach. These mental health conditions can have serious consequences

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Body Dysmorphia and Eating Disorders: What You Need to Know

01/03/2024 | By

Eating disorders are serious but treatable conditions that can impact anyone in various ways. Sometimes eating disorders co-occur with other

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Have You Heard About Bigorexia?

12/30/2023 | By

Eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder are serious health conditions that can have huge impacts on your physical, mental, and

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Why Is Everyone Talking About “Drunkorexia?”

12/10/2023 | By

An eating disorder can present in many seemingly unexpected ways and can have immense impacts on an individual’s health and

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What Does a Psychiatric Nurse Do?

11/29/2023 | By

Psychiatric nurses are registered nurses who offer support to patients with mental illnesses. Most people are impacted by poor mental

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What Is Rumination Disorder? 

11/07/2023 | By

Rumination disorder (rumination syndrome) is an eating and feeding disorder in which food is involuntarily regurgitated into the mouth. In

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A Guide to Children and Eating Disorders

10/28/2023 | By

An eating disorder is a serious health condition that can impact anyone regardless of gender, race, background, and even age.

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A Deeper Look At Social Media and Eating Disorders

10/03/2023 | By

Social media platforms have a wide range of connections to our mental health. At the most simplistic level, apps like

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What Happens When I Call An Eating Disorder Helpline?

09/28/2023 | By

It can be overwhelming and isolating to struggle with an eating disorder. Disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and

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The Connection Between Insecure Attachment Styles and Eating Disorders

09/03/2023 | By

Eating disorders, like many mental illnesses, can make you feel isolated and alone. It can be difficult to know how

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Do Eating Disorders Affect All Ages? Surprising Facts about EDs

08/22/2023 | By

Did you know that nearly 30 million people in the United States struggle with an eating disorder? It’s likely that

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What to Expect at an Eating Disorder Support Group

08/09/2023 | By

Support groups are an incredibly helpful part of so many recovery journeys, but they can be intimidating to join!” And,

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The Definitive Guide to All Types of Eating Disorders

07/24/2023 | By

Did you know that nearly 30 million Americans experience an eating disorder in their lifetime? Eating disorders are health conditions

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Disordered Eating vs. Eating Disorders – What’s the Difference?

07/06/2023 | By

In a society that often places tremendous emphasis on appearance and body ideals, our relationship with food and eating can

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The Surprising History of Diet Culture

06/27/2023 | By

Despite all the messaging that tells us otherwise, health looks different in everybody. Unfortunately, diet culture has strong-armed society into

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6 Symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome

06/10/2023 | By

Many people have heard of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, but an eating disorder can present

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