What Does a Psychiatric Nurse Do?

11/29/2023 | By

Psychiatric nurses are registered nurses who offer support to patients with mental illnesses. Most people are impacted by poor mental

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The Correlation of Cultural & Family Dynamics to Disordered Eating in Hispanic & Latin Populations

11/27/2023 | By

Cultural Values and Their Effects on Body Positivity In Hispanic and Latin communities, heritage is celebrated through many facets of

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Is Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Right for You? Understanding Different Levels of Care

11/21/2023 | By

When you’re searching for eating disorder treatment, the options can feel overwhelming—just the acronyms alone (IOP, PHP, FBT?) are dizzying.

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How to Help Patients Navigate the Holiday Season in Recovery

11/20/2023 | By

With the abundance of food, shared mealtimes, and large social gatherings, the holiday season can be immensely difficult for anyone

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Tips for Removing Morality from Food

11/17/2023 | By

Whether it be through advertising, social media, or even within supermarkets, we as people seem to continuously assign moral values

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Juggling Priorities: Navigating Eating Disorder Treatment & Extracurriculars

11/15/2023 | By

Your child starts exhibiting the signs of an eating disorder. You contact an eating disorder treatment center for help and

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What Is Rumination Disorder? 

11/07/2023 | By

Rumination disorder (rumination syndrome) is an eating and feeding disorder in which food is involuntarily regurgitated into the mouth. In

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