Finding Festivity with Difficult Family Dynamics While in Eating Disorder Recovery

12/22/2023 | By

It’s no secret that the holidays can be an emotionally challenging time for anyone, and are often especially tough for

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Exploring the Link Between Trauma, PTSD, and Eating Disorders: A Comprehensive Study

12/19/2023 | By

Traditionally, the consensus in the eating disorder (ED) field had been to avoid trauma work during intensive treatment, opting to

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Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder (OSFED): What It Is and What’s Included

12/18/2023 | By

Many people fit into a “gray area” when it comes to eating disorder behaviors. Perhaps they experience purging, but not

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What is the Best Treatment for ARFID?

12/11/2023 | By

It’s not unusual to experience some selectiveness around food. Many people have allergies that limit their food choices, others are

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4 Approaches Proven to Treat Eating Disorders in Adults

12/01/2023 | By

There’s a significant treatment gap when it comes to adults with eating disorders: Nearly 30 million Americans will develop an

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Supporting Mothers in Recovery

11/30/2023 | By

Pursuing treatment for an eating disorder or another mental health concern can be incredibly difficult, especially for mothers who may

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The Impact of Eating Disorders on Athletic Performance

11/29/2023 | By

The benefits of athletics are well-established. Participating in organized sports can help you build self-esteem, recognize the value of teamwork,

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The Correlation of Cultural & Family Dynamics to Disordered Eating in Hispanic & Latin Populations

11/27/2023 | By

Cultural Values and Their Effects on Body Positivity In Hispanic and Latin communities, heritage is celebrated through many facets of

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Is Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Right for You? Understanding Different Levels of Care

11/21/2023 | By

When you’re searching for eating disorder treatment, the options can feel overwhelming—just the acronyms alone (IOP, PHP, FBT?) are dizzying.

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How to Help Patients Navigate the Holiday Season in Recovery

11/20/2023 | By

With the abundance of food, shared mealtimes, and large social gatherings, the holiday season can be immensely difficult for anyone

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Tips for Removing Morality from Food

11/17/2023 | By

Whether it be through advertising, social media, or even within supermarkets, we as people seem to continuously assign moral values

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Juggling Priorities: Navigating Eating Disorder Treatment & Extracurriculars

11/15/2023 | By

Your child starts exhibiting the signs of an eating disorder. You contact an eating disorder treatment center for help and

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Understanding the Relationship Between Eating Disorders and OCD

10/26/2023 | By

Almost all types of mental health conditions are more common among people who have an eating disorder. These conditions are

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Using HAES Principles to Help Treat Patients with “Atypical” Anorexia

09/25/2023 | By

Body weight and body mass index (BMI), while inaccurate and inappropriate for many reasons, are still used to indicate the

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How Body Image Fits Into Eating Disorder Treatment

09/14/2023 | By

Many eating disorder symptoms have to do with bodies: being preoccupied with your body, going to great lengths to change

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Eating Disorders, Suicide, & Shame

09/13/2023 | By

CW: Mentions of Suicide Pretty much anyone who knows me also knows that I’ve recovered from an eating disorder. As

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How To Support Kids Facing Unwanted Back-to-School Comments About Their Appearance

08/22/2023 | By

The return to school is never seamless for kids. While there’s sure to be excitement about reuniting with friends and

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Why the Word “Ob*sity” is Fatphobic

08/15/2023 | By

CW: Mentions of “ob*sity” – While we absolutely do not support the use of weight stigmatizing language, the terms “ob*sity”

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